Review: The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*This review contains spoilers & my love-hate relationship with the book*

The book is written simply. But what made it good are the thrill and the original idea of the plot. It is about a war between the oppressed districts and the capitol, and a touch of love story.

What disappointed me was that in the story, the hunger games before Katniss were very intense so it made the 74th hunger games more fearful to the readers. When it was Katniss’ turn, however, it all fell right into place. I worried about her killing some tributes specially Peeta, Rue, face fox girl, and Thresh. I could not bear to know what will happen. But the other tributes and poison berries already did it for her. A little luck, I guess. And what about the “girl on fire”? Peeta was also on fire! Maybe she is more favorable to be the face of rebellion?

But don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan. Suzanne Collins is great on weaving the story in a perspective of the oppressed people in modern day. I love her idea of Panem, the capitol and the different set of districts with different characters and specialties. She vividly showed the situation of the helpless people in need and oppressed. And I like her concept of the Hunger Games.

I love the character of Katniss Everdeen being a girl and poor, breaking all the barriers and fighting for what is right. I’m very used to reading books with the boys do all the work! Nothing new in there. Katniss is so brave to volunteer for her sister Prim. Also, she is intelligent and very feisty not to just follow people dictating her what to do, act, decide things, and all those stuff.

Peeta Mellark on the other hand, is a little delicate. I know, a guy should not be associated with a word like “delicate” but he is. It is a compliment, some girls like a goody two shoes with a heart. I know, I do. haha. He is a sensitive guy who has principles like he doesn’t want to be seen as ‘just a piece in their games’. But even if he strong, he might not survived the hunger games. He just lay there for some freaking days. Good thing, the gamekeepers did not drive some tracker jackers or mutated species in him because they tend to make the tributes closer to fight as much as possible. A little luck again, I guess.

I love the unrequited love of Peeta. I think it is very sweet. Also, I like the revelation that the father of Peeta being in love with Katniss’ mother. That explains why he is kind to them.

I somewhat pity Gale Hawthorne, being in love with Katniss. But he had a chance, a very big chance! Katniss likes him before hunger games, she even proposed to runaway with him. Moreover, he had years to tell her he loves her and the little goodbye they had before she left for hunger games, he should have at least told her. You know, when you’re in love with someone who has a little chance of living, wouldn’t you tell her/him? yeah, i like Peeta more

Despite all my rants, I still like the flaws of the characters.

It was very smart and brave of Katniss to attempt suicide with Peeta. Luckily, Seneca Crane declared them to win. Maybe it was really destined that good overcomes bad. What can I say? The odds were clearly in their favors.

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4 thoughts on “Review: The Hunger Games

  1. Grace @ Cultural Life says:

    Have you read the second and third books in the trilogy (Catching Fire & Mockingjay)? They are very gripping reads!

    Hmm, it’s interesting to hear your thoughts about Peeta being on fire too. Yes, I think he is to some extent. But it is Katniss who is the gutsy, determined one and I think her attitude is a lot stronger than Peeta’s. Volunteering to go to the Games in place of Prim also generated a lot of interest in her which is a good thing when you’re going to be the face of a rebellion whereas Peeta was kind of unknown, apart from being Katniss’s love interest.

    When I first read the books, I wasn’t sure whether I would like them. But I think they are great stories!

    • phoibee says:

      Yes, I read the other two. It’s just that the last book was hurried, don’t you think?

      You’re right about Katniss being the rebel and stronger than Peeta. Now I see it that way, thanks 🙂

      I have this love-hate relationship with the trilogy (weird, I know haha). I have personal criticisms and likings. I still like it, anyway 😀

      • Grace @ Cultural Life says:

        I agree with you about the last book. It ended very quickly! I would have liked to see more of Katniss and Peeta’s lives after everything that happened. The little epilogue was short but sweet!

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