I like the way the ocean waves keep going but can’t help to come back and kiss the shore.
I told you that, but you just laughed at me and turned around. I felt the softness of the sand under my feet as we continued to walk along. I looked down and saw the temporary molds of our foot prints until the waves washed it away. I stepped harder on the sand to produce deeper prints. You turned and asked what am I doing. I looked up to you and shrugged, then you continued walking. The next waves did not wash my prints completely. I smiled and felt a bit lighter.

I’m going to leave next week, you blurted out. It made me stop walking completely. I asked you what, so you repeated what you said. I heard and understood you completely. I just don’t like what I heard so I wanted to make sure that the words came out of you were true. My heart stopped and something inside me got heavier. I saw your lips arching and your eyes shine reflecting the sun. I turned my head to look at the orange sky. I faked a smile and told you I’m happy for you, this is what you wanted. There was a pause. All I heard were the swishing of the trees and ocean waves hitting the shore. I told you that the sky is orange again. You said it was not because it is red. You keep on insisting that the sky is red when it is orange. I know that you just like the color red and hate the color orange.

The sun was setting then. I continued walking. You held my arm and put me to stop. You said you wanted to watch the sunset. I told you that we’ve seen it a lot of times, what difference will it make. I tried to walk again but you grabbed my arms and made me out of balance. You assisted me to lean on my back and sat in front of you. You hugged me from behind and put your chin on my shoulder. My tears fell down without notice. I sobbed and you hugged me tighter.

I scooped a handful of sand. You told me not to worry as we will see each other someday. I felt the fineness grains of the sand. You will call, write, and communicate through internet you said. You said you prefer to write letters because it has more effort, more special, and personal. I let go of the sand slowly. I sobbed harder. I turned to hugged you. Suddenly your lips met mine. You were just as surprised as I am. We watched the sunset while holding hands. The sun goes down ’till it was engulfed by the ocean, but the waves were still coming back.


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