Review: Easy

Easy by Tammara Webber
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

It’s my first time to buddy read a chick lit novel; & with guys [Paolo & Kwesi], I think it’s a bonus. 😀

I see how girls get drawn into this kind of book. If not all, most of them rated it with 5 stars. It’s because of:

Lucas, the male guy character, is a good looking bad boy type but actually a knight in shining armor, gentleman, sweet, caring, sensitive, responsible, can really kick some badasses(can also teach how to) & he can cook, too!

I admit that I also get drawn with this kind of character but I rated the book as “it’s okay” (and yes, I’m a girl). It’s because:

Jacqueline is a damsel in distress.

I don’t like her character. She’s the one who narrates the story & it’s full of nonsense most of the time. She and her friends have shallow subjects to talk about (like guys are dogs, lickable abs, etc.) which I do not read in some other chick lits. Another thing is that she said she did not like to do things her friends “forced” her to do but she does it anyway (i.e. flirt & stuff)…really? I was a little irritated because I found out that its genre is post-adolescent so I expected a little more maturity with their lines and/or actions.
Also, she did not stand up for herself. She chose not to be a party pooper than to press some charges to a guy who nearly rape her. & i nearly abandon this

Kennedy, Jackie’s ex bf, fucked it all up after I read his reason of why he wanted to break up with her. That was so lame & stupid. What is he, a second grader? To think that he wanted to become a lawyer, I can’t imagine how he will give such a weeny reason to win a case. Moreover, he also wanted to become a politician, good luck to the members of society. All I wanted from him was to see his book shelves with collections of his books.

My favorite character is Katie; she’s not even a major character. You might barely remember her but she’s the president of the Greek sorority.
I also like the character of Heller & Benjie.
I did not like Erin until she stick with Jackie and sign her up for self defense.

Shoutout to Buck!! I think he’s the strongest guy ever (physically & emotionally/mentally?) LOL I can’t imagine a guy that has been threatened many times since the start would get so motivated to penetrate a girl. He is full of shit ego. Moreover, he has been gushing massive amount of blood, deformed face, head butted & close to be impotent but he can still move and fight O.O

I would have rated this with 1 star but it might not be fair since I like the character & the back story of Lucas.

No offense (to fans who are reading this) but I think this book is overrated because it just went mainstream like Hush, hush of Becca Fitzpatrick.

I like the theme, though. Maybe I expected more. If (only if) the author wants to empower women, she should have started with the main character. I think the main character usually has the psyche of the readers where sometimes the readers acquire the characteristics of what they read because they can somehow relate.

At least Jacqueline’s character grew, but Lucas was still the savior in the end.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Easy

  1. bookgossips says:

    Finally!!!! Someone not rating this book so high! I totally agree with everything you said, this book didn’t do it for me at all and the only positive in the book was Lucas! Xx

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