If you just peek inside her head,

You will be drawn

To the stillness depth of her soul

You will make ripples


As you float


Thread along to cause waves in her

It will be fine to her

She accepts everything

She will fill the emptiness


Inside you


Including those

You never knew existed

Your weaknesses and mistakes

She will see


Through it all




Will be dissolved at once

You will feel warm inside


In exchange, you will influence her


Dye her with colors

And flavors you surprisingly have

You will notice that you exude

The same aroma


It will still be fine to her


You will be closer to her

Be together

You will fall for her,

Fall slowly and deeply


At the bottom of uncertainty


Worry not,

She will be there

Catch you

Comfort you


Give you all her attention


Once you’re through

With your purpose,

You will be reeled

Up and out


Abandon her


You might be moving on

To another circumstance, but

All of your memories

Will still be with her


…until she’s gone.










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