Review: Brightest

Brightest by Johann de Venecia
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I don’t know the firefly catcher’s gender but my work turns out to be a girl haha pardon me if he’s a guy


No sense of direction–that’s me. Whenever I go to places, I always get lost. People who know me personally already established this fact. Don’t argue with me about basic human instincts, because it endlessly fails me, too, thank you very much. Despite that fact, I don’t lose hope because I know that there would still be that firefly that will find and guide me in the end.

I started with the literal phrase of getting lost, however, I believe that the story delves deeper. “Brightest” is shedding light for people who gets lost in life, and those who are uncertain and afraid.
It was written simply for children; it purports to inspire and have goals in life. I think it’s best be told at night, after tucking in a soft, warm duvet, resting your head on a fluffy pillow, and maybe having a warm liquid to drink in a mug on top of your bedside table or desk (I always get this warm feeling when reading a children’s book). Its illustrations were also good, I like the cuteness of the spherical characters, colors, and shadings of the artist.

The story started out ironically as the firefly catcher was asking help to a firefly. (spoilers coming through…)
Here are the symbolisms I come up with:
1) the mushrooms that grown bigger and plenty, and the dark path – the fears, doubts, and negativity that the firefly catcher possesses that he did not notice growing
2) dying star sparkled – it’s the fact of starting to believe
3) star/gift – passion
4) the firefly was sad to see the catcher go, however, he was happy too – he’s sad to let go of his past self but felt happier.*
5) catcher released his tiny fireflies – releasing his inhibitions and frustrations
6) held tight to the brilliant light, leading him to where his heart truly lies – believing to pursue and be successful with his passion

*I may be weird, but as I see it, the firefly is the inner persona of the firefly catcher.

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