First post is like first day of stepping into a new school, first day of knowing who will be your classmates and professors in each subjects, first to familiarize with surroundings, and first to assess ourselves in new a situation. In here, we can not escape the feeling of nervousness, the clenching of stomach, the butterflies flutterings, the awkwardness, and even frustrations–just like what I feel when posting in a new site. I get frustrated not knowing how to tweak some stuff around here, I’ll just get used to it eventually. And like the first day of school, I feel that there’s a need to introduce myself. Yes, even if it’s only right here in the white square box with the cursor winking at me; just like the four white walls of a classroom.

Hi! My name is Phoebe.
My first name is always misspelled or mispronounced! Maybe not always, but most of the time. I guess it is because my name is uncommon here in my country so it is foreign. It’s read “fee-bee”, it’s not that hard. If every mispronounce of names can cause murder, I am definitely dead 174662754728462746284620 times and still dying.

When I was young, I was called “Pibi”. I think it was fine, children do not give attention to correct pronunciation and the like. But then my teacher called out “Fo-be”. That was the first time I heard it that way. Subsequently, whenever I have a new teacher or classmate, I would correct them. Sometimes I’m called “Fowb”. When I entered high school, some of my classmates make fun of it as a new teacher called me, “Fi-be” so some called me, “Foy-bi” or “Fo-we-be”. It was fine, I know it’s harmless and they just like to tease me. When I entered College, professors read my name right! And now in a graduate school, I was called “Fi-be” once again. (-.-;)

That’s it for now. πŸ˜‰

β™‘ P


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